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Q&A: Cheri Stein

December 27, 2016
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Cheri Stein
Cheri Stein. Courtesy Plante Moran

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Cheri Stein has spent 17 years in Plante Moran’s Wealth Management group as a CPA and CFP.

She’s served successful families and business owners through “holistic, independent and objective” financial advice. 

Stein’s current role is leading the Plante Moran Trust practice for West Michigan, where she educates families on financial matters and wealth transfer, as she works with aging clients and settles and distributes their estates.

Biggest career break? 

Starting my career at Plante Moran right out of college

Proudest moment?

Professionally, my proudest moment was working with two brothers on a complex business succession transition. After finishing an in-depth meeting, we shook hands, and one of the brothers looked at me and simply said, “Awesome!” as I walked out the door. I’m proud every time I help a client meet their objectives and feel good about how they got there.

Best advice you’ve ever received? 

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

How did you make your first dollar?

Working at my dad’s accounting firm. I started out cleaning the bathrooms and worked my way up the ladder.

Most-treasured possession?

A bookcase of photos of treasured memories with family and friends

Dream job? 

I feel fortunate to have been in my dream job for the past 17 years.

If I were president for a day, I would…? 

Simplify the tax code! I’m a CPA, after all.

Last book you’ve read? 

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” –– with my first grader

Last thing you googled?

“What can an Amazon Echo do?” I won one in a raffle and am deciding if I need a friend named Alexis.

Your worst habit? 

Not getting enough sleep

To unwind, I like to…? 

Spend time with my family at our cottage on Silver Lake in Rockford. In the winter, I play board games with my five- and seven-year-old boys.

Dream vacation? 

Hawaii with my husband

Favorite food? 

Fifty local restaurants just popped into my mind. Having so many wonderful options, it’s impossible to choose just one!

Person you most admire?

My husband, Craig. I admire the way he connects with people. People love him, and he’s really funny!

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