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Suburbs rank among top 10 'healthiest' housing markets in US

January 25, 2017
| By Pat Evans |
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A pair of Grand Rapids communities are among the 10 “healthiest” housing markets in the nation.

Jenison and Forest Hills rank No. 5 and No. 7 in the ranking of “America’s Healthiest Housing Markets” by SmartAsset, a financial website.

Wyoming also ranks No. 10 in SmartAsset’s “East of Sale” sub-ranking.


The average resident in Jenison has lived in their home for 17.6 years, while 6.1 percent of homes have negative equity, and 2.3 percent of homes are decreasing in value. 

When the homes are on the market, they spend an average of 45.4 days listed.

Forest Hills

Forest Hills residents have been in their homes for an average of 15.5 years, while 3.4 percent of the homes have negative equity, and 8.4 percent of homes are decreasing in value.

Homes in Forest Hills spend an average of 37.4 days on the market.

Top 10 “healthiest” housing markets

1.   Edgewood, Kentucky
2.   Mesquite, Texas
3.   Northridge, Ohio
4.   Concord, Missouri
5.   Jenison
6.   Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
7.   Forest Hills
8.   Richland, Washington
9.   Pearl City, Hawaii
10. Clawson, Michigan

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