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Retailer partners with style consultant

January 26, 2017
| By Pat Evans |
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Stacy London
Stacy London. Courtesy Meijer

A local retailer is partnering with a bestselling author on fashion and long-time TV personality.

Walker-based Meijer said yesterday Stacy London, co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” is helping shape the direction of the retailer’s women’s clothing line, Massini.

"We continue to make strides to enhance our women's clothing department — from integrating plus-size apparel to infusing more on-trend designs within our Massini line," said Peter Whitsett, EVP of merchandising and marketing, Meijer.

"We are thrilled to partner with Stacy, because she has a knack for quickly creating an emotional connection and is committed to helping all women feel beautiful and confident, regardless of size.”

Massini brand

First launched in 1986 with sportswear for men and boys, the brand has since developed into a women’s brand and grown to include lipstick, nail polish and fashion accessories.

As a “style consultant,” London will focus on the evolution of the Massini line, focusing on “affordable trends for everyday wear.”

"I am excited to work with the Massini line, because the designs inspire women to create a look all of their own," London said. "There's a common misbelief that trends only look good on a specific body type or are limited to youth. This is not true. There are no limits. You can wear a trend regardless of your age or body type. I love helping women connect the dots."


Founded in 1934 and now with more than 230 stores across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin, Meijer helped pioneer the one-stop shopping concept.

In 2016, Meijer announced it will place all plus-size clothing on the same racks and at the same price as other women’s clothing at all its stores.

Stacy London

Along with her work as a consultant and hosting “What Not to Wear” for 10 years, London also hosts “Love Lust or Run.”

She’s a style contributor for “Access Hollywood,” “Access Hollywood Live!” and Rachael Ray’s talk show, “Rachael.”

She’s also the author of two books: “Dress Your Best” and “The Truth About Style,” a New York Times bestseller.

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