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Footwear brand rolls out light 'safety-toe' work shoe

April 14, 2017
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Wolverine Jetstream Carbonmax safety toe shoe
The Wolverine Jetstream safety-toe shoe. Photo via

A long-time footwear brand in the area has released its lightest-ever “safety-toe” work shoe.

The Wolverine Jetstream weighs 10.7 ounces in the men’s style and 10.5 ounces in the women’s style, making it the brand’s most lightweight work shoe.

The Jetstream uses a lighter Wolverine CarbonMax safety toe for optimal comfort, while still retaining its safety measures.

“The Jetstream’s Wolverine CarbonMax nanotechnology safety toe is the result of years of scientific research,” said Yahn Lebo, product line director, Wolverine, a brand of Rockford-based Wolverine Worldwide.

Jetstream design

Wolverine said last month the CarbonMax safety toe features lighter toe caps to alleviate foot and leg strain and has thinner walls to open up more room for toes and an overall better fit. Its structure is strong enough to meet protective footwear industry standards.

The Jetstream also features a breathable mesh body and slip-resistant rubber lug sole to provide comfort. A cushioning memory-foam footbed has been incorporated into the shoe’s insole, which also features a moisture-wicking mesh lining to help keep feet dry.


The Jetstream is available in both men’s and women’s styles and sizes.

The shoe comes in a variety of colors, from solid black to gradient red and neon orange, to yellow and purple tones.

The shoe costs $89 on the brand's website.

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