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GRBJ Podcast: Barbara Welch and Skot Welch

June 6, 2017
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Barbara Welch and Skot Welch
Barbara Welch and Skot Welch. Photo via

Barbara Welch and Skot Welch are the featured guests in episode 37 of the GRBJ Podcast.

The couple is interviewed by Business Journal Reporter Pat Evans.

Barbara is a managing member at Inheritance Development and a financial educator at The Good Life Financial Education Company. Skot is the principal bridgebuilder at Global Bridgebuilders.

They talk about entrepreneurism, consulting, real estate development and inclusion in Grand Rapids.

The episode also features topical takes by Evans and Reporter Jesse O’Brien.

On social media channels, people can follow and comment on the podcast with the hashtag #GRBJPodcast.

New episodes of the weekly GRBJ Podcast are live on Tuesdays.

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