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Better Drinking Culture rolls out certification program

June 8, 2017
| By Pat Evans |
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Better Drinking Culture
Better Drinking Culture is a “grassroots movement” that advocates “living and promoting a healthier and better drinking lifestyle.” Photo via

An organization dedicated to promoting better drinking habits is rolling out a certification program.

Better Drinking Culture, or BDC, has launched its Fast Track Certification Program, which will certify an establishment in the organization’s movement promote a healthier relationship with alcohol.

BDC piloted a certification program last year to help distinguish breweries, distilleries, bars and restaurants that help contribute to its movement to put customers and quality first.

To become BDC-certified, an establishment has to meet four criteria: a maximum drink policy; train at least one BDC ambassador; participate in BDC’s Universal Mug Club; and pass a marketing and social media audit.

“It’s a commitment from us to them,” said Kris Spaulding, a co-owner of Brewery Vivant, a BDC partner. “We’re here to teach you about the craft and show you what a big experience craft beer is to us.”

BDC expects to launch additional initiatives in the future, including a book and documentary, along with speaking engagements and festival participation to help promote its mission in colleges, cities and states.

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