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Company buys 10 planes

July 10, 2017
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Embraer EMB 120 plane
The EMB 120 plane by São José dos Campos, Brazil-based Embraer. Courtesy AeroVision International

A supplier of refurbished aircraft and parts has purchased 10 planes.

Muskegon-based AeroVision International said last month it bought 10 Embraer EMB 120s, the first acquisition of that aircraft type for the company.

The planes, which each seat 30 passengers, were part of a larger package bought from SkyWest Airlines.

With the purchase, AeroVision said it has entered into the airframe and engine support market for the EMB 120 series and is making several of the planes available for outright purchase or lease.

A few of the model's PW118B engines are immediately available for sale or lease, while others will be reduced to sellable parts and individual components.

“We are excited to launch our support of the EMB 120 product line,” said Pete Gibson, VP of aircraft and engines, AeroVision International. “We continue to leverage our expertise on the Embraer ERJ series.”

AeroVision VP of Components Angela Baker called the purchase a “significant step” in the company’s efforts to build a complete support business for regional aircraft.

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