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Grand Rapids ranks among best cities for 'first-time homebuyers'

July 17, 2017
| By Pat Evans |
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Grand Rapids is one of the best cities in the country for first-time homebuyers.

Grand Rapids ranks No. 15 on the ranking of the “Best and Worst Cities for First-Time Homebuyers” by the personal finance website Wallethub.

The report looked at 23 “key indicators” in 300 cities across the U.S.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids ranks 38th in housing affordability, 27th in cost of living, 26th in rent-to-price ratio and 21st in foreclosure rate.

The city also ranks 83rd in property-crime rate and 139th in total home-energy cost.

Grand Rapids ranks No. 6 on the “mid-size cities” breakdown.

Top 15

1.   McKinney, Texas
2.   Frisco, Texas
3.   Allen, Texas
4.   Cary, North Carolina
5.   Norman, Oklahoma
6.   Lincoln, Nebraska
7.   Richardson, Texas
8.   Boise, Idaho
9.   Thornton, Colorado
10. Murfreesboro, Tennessee
11. Denton, Texas
12. Greeley, Colorado
13. Gilbert, Arizona
14. Charleston, South Carolina
15. Grand Rapids

Bottom 10

291. El Monte, California
292. New York, New York
293. San Mateo, California
294. Newark, New Jersey
295. San Francisco, California
296. Miami Beach, Florida
297. Santa Monica, California
298. Oakland, California
299. Berkeley, California
300. Santa Barbara, California

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