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Supplier recognized for fuel system innovation

August 8, 2017
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Liberty Automotive Technologies
Liberty Automotive Technologies’ IC-2 GDI fuel service system. Courtesy Liberty Automotive

An automotive aftermarket supplier that soon will be opening in Holland is bringing an award-winning fuel system cleaner with it.

Liberty Automotive Technologies’ patent-pending IC-2 gasoline direct injection fuel service system recently earned a 2017 PTEN Innovation Award from Professional Tools and Equipment News (PTEN). Liberty plans to open a production facility in Holland next month.

“This is amazing news for a new company like ours,” said Liberty founder Scott Irwin. “PTEN Innovation is a big award in the automotive aftermarket business and we expect it to drive sales for us for the next couple of years.”

Gasoline direct injection produces more power, higher fuel mileage and fewer emissions in a lighter engine, but also creates cleaning problems because the detergents in the fuel no longer are sprayed onto the intake valves to keep them clean. A periodic cleaning service, every 18 to 24 months, would be needed to clean the intake valves and maintain the engine’s efficiency and power.

Liberty’s IC-2 resolves cleaning issues by alternating types of cleaners to optimize effectiveness against soft and hard deposits in the fuel system.

Judges’ comments from PTEN on the IC-2 were supportive: “A unique approach to top-end cleaning. Alternating the solutions, pulsing the delivery of them and safety features to minimize the possibility of damage are great features. This tool looks like a great innovation to address a very real problem of valve deposits on direct-injection vehicles.”

Liberty recently initiated the process of establishing its production facility in Holland after doing the initial development work and production in Peru, Illinois. The company expects to have its Michigan production online by September. The company will initially employ three workers for machine assembly, and it expects to have 20 to 30 employees within the next 36 months.


Liberty Automotive Technologies LLC specializes in maintenance products in the automotive aftermarket. The company has a number of unique, proprietary technologies for both gasoline and diesel engines.


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