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Coffee company re-designs packaging

August 24, 2017
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Ferris Coffee & Nut coffee bags
Courtesy Ferris Coffee & Nut

A Grand Rapids-based coffee company has unveiled new packaging that features its "people."

Ferris Coffee & Nut Company announced yesterday the launch of its new coffee packaging design. The company transitioned into a light-colored, 12-ounce black bottom bag that stands up naturally, allowing easier storage and also features a zipper seal as opposed to a tin tie, allowing the coffee to stay fresher for longer.

The new bags feature artistic labeling that helps share the stories specific to each coffee’s source country and taste. Kent Club blend, for example, features a golf-inspired plaid pattern to reflect on the blend’s origins of being brewed specifically for Kent Country Club. The labels also give two main items of information: roast level and taste notes.

“Creating a new coffee packaging system allows us to better articulate our company’s mission, vision and coffee program,” said Ursula Casanova, brand manager, Ferris Coffee “We want to recognize everyone, from the growers we work with to our baristas. They all play a vital role in creating the ultimate coffee experience.”

The new design was inspired by the company’s “people-first” philosophy and the commitment to properly sourcing coffee, while making specialty coffee approachable and available to everyone.

Ferris Coffee

Established in Grand Rapids in 1924, Ferris Coffee and Nut Company is a family owned and operated specialty coffee and nut roaster.

The company’s mission focuses on responsible sourcing of its products and promoting sustainability at all levels of its supply chain.

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