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Hard cider maker distributing statewide

October 18, 2017
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Hard cider makers medal at international competition
Vander Mill is a hard cider maker with locations in Grand Rapids and Spring Lake. Photo via

A local hard cider maker is expanding its partnership with a statewide beverage distributor.

Imperial Beverage will now represent Vander Mill in all counties throughout Michigan.

The cidery has been working with Imperial Beverage since 2013 to distribute its cider to all but two counties in the state. With the new partnership, Vander Mill will now be represented in Oakland and Macomb counties.

“Considering the growing demand for our ciders, we feel there is great opportunity on the east side of the state, especially in Oakland and Macomb counties,” said Paul Vander Heide, owner of Vander Mill. “With Imperial Beverage representing Vander Mill statewide, we will be able to better serve the greater Detroit area.”

"Vander Mill has been instrumental in the growing popularity of craft cider by perfecting ciders on the semi-sweet and drier side of the scale and has been a cornerstone of the Imperial cider portfolio even before the recent addition of Macomb and Oakland counties,” said Joe Cekola, president of Imperial Beverage. “We are excited to see the growth to come for both of our companies."

Vander Mill

Vander Mill was established in 2008 and has two taprooms in Grand Rapids and Spring Lake.

Owner Paul Vander Heide is also on the board of the United States Association of Cider Makers and president of the Michigan Cider Association.

Imperial Beverage

Imperial Beverage was established in 1933 and purchased by the Cekola Family in Kalamazoo in 1984. The company represents and distributes various beverage brands in Michigan, including more than 200 beer brands, more than 650 brands of wine and more than 35 cider and mead brands.

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