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Pizza delivery man loses lawsuit

November 6, 2017
| By AP |
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WEST BLOOMFIELD — Cheese and pepperoni — but hold the lawsuit.

That's the message from the Michigan appeals court, which has reversed a decision and dismissed a lawsuit by a Domino's Pizza delivery man.

Robert Garsoff fractured an ankle in three places and needed surgery after slipping on ice at a home in West Bloomfield in 2014.

Garsoff said there were three cars in the dark driveway when he arrived with a pizza. He said the owner was negligent by failing to salt the driveway or turn on exterior lights.

But it's very difficult to win a slip-and-fall lawsuit in Michigan. The appeals court noted that the hazard should have been "open and obvious" to Garsoff, especially on a winter night.

The court said ice "is not considered a uniquely dangerous hazard."

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