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Senior living nonprofit closing campus

December 13, 2017
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Holland Home Fulton Manor
Fulton Manor is located in southeast Grand Rapids. Courtesy Holland Home

A local senior living nonprofit is closing one of its campuses in town.

Grand Rapids-based Holland Home is closing Fulton Manor in Grand Rapids, at 1450 Fulton St. E.

The plan has been in the works for a couple years in an effort to “best serve the needs” of clients, according to Mina Breuker, president and CEO, Holland Home.

Grand Rapids-based Holland Home said the majority of the building is up to 60 years old, and Fulton Manor lacks some of the modern qualities of the nonprofit's three other facilities. One-third of the rooms have also gone unused for more than five years, because more people are staying in their homes.

“We deiced it was best to transition Fulton into something different,” Breuker said.

Breuker said the organization wanted to make the announcement and cease admitting new residents.

Residents and staff will be transferred to one of the other Holland Home facilities over the next two to three years. The organization is providing moving services and covering all associated costs.

The other facilities are newer and more expensive, but residents who move from Fulton Manor will not see a charge increase for one year after moving.

“This is the long way to do it, the expensive way to do it, but we feel it’s the right way to treat our residents,” Breuker said.

Breuker said she is unsure if the nonprofit will re-use the building or sell it. Some possibilities under consideration are using it for affordable housing or a space for Care Resources, an adult day care center.

The building is 195,601 square feet and sits on 5.71 acres.

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