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Kellogg releases diversity and inclusion report

December 22, 2017
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A food maker in the region has released a report on its “progress” toward diversity and inclusion.

Battle Creek-based Kellogg Company said last week it released its eighth-annual “Features” report, which details the company’s efforts to “maintain a competitive business advantage, encourage collaboration, enhance the organization and create a supportive and welcoming work environment” via diversity and inclusion practices.

The report includes employee stories from around the globe, showcasing Kellogg’s eight business/employee resource groups, or BERGs, entities the company said are “pivotal” to Kellogg’s efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, marketplace and communities it serves.

“These stories celebrate the progress we’ve made, as individuals and as a company,” said Mark King, global head of diversity and inclusion, Kellogg Company.

“Our continued efforts toward being a more inclusive and diverse company will enable us to create even more innovative foods that enrich and delight the world and ultimately, deliver on our growth plan objectives for sustainable growth.”

Diversity and inclusion goals

Understanding bias in the workplace and how to manage it

Raising cross-cultural awareness

Building a more diverse supply chain via supplier diversity efforts

Creating the BERG structure

Diversity snapshot

Workforce makeup: Kellogg North America

62.6 percent men

37.4 percent women

37.8 percent people of color

62.2 percent Caucasian

4 percent U.S. military veterans

12 percent U.S. employees who are members of a BERG

Workforce makeup: Kellogg Latin America

68.3 percent men

31.7 percent women

Workforce makeup: Kellogg Europe

60.2 percent men

39.8 percent women

Workforce makeup: Asia Pacific

56.3 percent men

43.7 percent women

Global leadership team

14 men

7 women

Revenue supporting diverse suppliers

$317 million, or 7 percent of total procurement spend, goes to first-tier diverse suppliers

Diversity-related philanthropy

In 2016, more than 80 percent of Kellogg Company and Kellogg Company Fund charitable and in-kind donations were given either to organizations that serve people in need (e.g., Feeding America and United Way) or to diversity-specific organizations.

The full report is available online.

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