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Judge: Township must issue Nestle permit

December 22, 2017
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OSCEOLA TOWNSHIP — A judge said a bottled-water company should be allowed to build a pumping station as part of its plans to get more groundwater for one of its brands.

Nestle Waters North America sued after Osceola Township rejected a zoning permit.

Nestle wants to withdraw up to 400 gallons (1,514 liters) a minute for its Ice Mountain distilled water, with help from a pipeline booster station at SpringHill Camps, a summer camp.

Mason County Judge Susan Sniegowski ruled this week, ordering Osceola Township to issue a permit for construction of the station.

Nestle said it's pleased with the ruling.

Osceola Township said the judge improperly analyzed its zoning ordinance.

The permit dispute is separate from a decision to increase water output. That request is pending at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

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