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Metal fabricator sells business

January 10, 2018
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Lakewood Fab Tech welder
A welder works at Lakewood Fab Tech's facility in Holland. Photo via

An out-of-state holding company has acquired a metal fabricator in the region.

Pewaukee, Wisconsin-based Venturedyne Ltd., the parent of Holland-based Thermotron Industries, a maker of environmental test chambers and vibration test systems, said last month it acquired Holland-based Lakewood Fab Tech.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“The additional capacity Lakewood Fab Tech provides will help Thermotron reach a significant number of growth goals in the coming months and years,” said Clint Peterson, president, Thermotron Industries.

Thermotron’s test chambers and vibration systems are used to simulate harsh environments and improve product quality and reliability.

Venturedyne said it has been seeking to increase Thermotron’s capacity beyond what can be designed and manufactured in Holland.

Lakewood Fab Tech has worked with Thermotron in the past, providing sheet metal fabrication and welding services. Recently, it has taken on additional work assisting in the manufacturing of sheet metal for a number of Thermotron’s environmental test chambers.

“Thermotron quickly became a primary customer for Lakewood, and it was a good fit, especially given our previous experience working with stainless steel,” said Mike Miedema, former owner of Lakewood Fab Tech, who is now the transition leader between Thermotron Industries and Lakewood Fab Tech.

“It seems we are well positioned to integrate our full capabilities with the Thermotron product line. Additionally, I believe it will allow our team members to connect with a product versus the build-to-print work that had been our focus. These proficiencies will blend nicely with the needs at Thermotron.”

Lakewood Fab Tech

Founded in 1964, Lakewood Fab Tech specializes in the manufacturing of machines, sub-assemblies and parts for food processing, material handling and automated assembly. The company has experience in laser cutting, metal forming, deburring and finishing, CNC machining, welding and passivation, assembly of stainless steel and powder coating.

Venturedyne Ltd.

Venturedyne Ltd. is a holding company for eight manufacturing, sales and service companies.

Other Venturedyne companies include Redlands, California-based Climet Instruments, Milwaukee-based Dings Magnetic Separator Company, Alsip, Illinois-based Scientific Dust Collectors and Milwaukee-based Advanced Detection System Company.

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