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Wolverine Worldwide: Dump sites not responsible for lead in water

February 8, 2018
| By AP |
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A footwear and apparel maker that's working to clean up dump sites in the area said it doesn't believe the contamination is responsible for reports of elevated lead levels in water.

Wolverine Worldwide used chemicals at its former tannery in Rockford to waterproof leather for shoes.

The Rockford-based company has been offering people near a former landfill in Belmont whole-house water filter systems.

Some area homeowners, including Jennifer Carney and Lucas Carney, want more testing after high lead levels were found in their water.

A law firm representing about 250 clients affected by contamination said the Carneys and another client's property have high lead levels.

The former landfill is the source of other hazardous chemicals, but Wolverine said it doesn't believe the site is the source of "these or any other lead detections."

Wolverine Worldwide is maintaining a blog to "keep the community informed on local water testing and related issues." 

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