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Furniture maker rolls out three product lines

February 16, 2018
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izzy+ Peyton seating Dale side table and Forum Naturals lounge table
A workspace furnished with chairs from the Peyton seating line, a Forums Natural lounge table and a Dale side table. Courtesy izzy+

A furniture maker in the region is rolling out three related product lines to bring the feeling of home into the workplace.

Spring Lake-based izzy+ released this week its Peyton seating, Dale side table and Forum Naturals lounge table product lines.

The products will also be featured at NeoCon 2018 in June.

Christian Carr, product manager at izzy+, said the furniture will help stimulate the senses and encourage “connection and warmth” to foster team building.

“Peyton, Dale and Forum Naturals are great products for third spaces,” Carr said, referring to a trend wherein offices are re-invented to have a more home-like feel.

“A lot of these residential products are trending, and being a small manufacturer allows us to be nimble and respond. The office is starting to look more like a residential setting. You’re seeing more home-like elements going into the workplace. It’s that sense of a familiar space — something outside of the workplace you’re seeing within a working environment.”

Independent sales representatives for izzy+ will work with furniture dealers to market and sell the products.

Peyton seating

Peyton, designed by Joe Ricchio and Matt Duncan, is a family of seating that includes a low and traditional rocker, as well as guest chair and lounge seating available with tapered legs or a four-star base.

Dale side table

Dale is a “smartly cut” wood stump that offers integrated power and USB connections.

The product “celebrates the imperfections found in nature” and is available with urethane infills in multiple colors, as well as in a “no-power” option.

Forum Naturals lounge table

Forum Naturals, available in ash and walnut, features the curves and knots found within those types of wood.

The product, available in three sizes, has a mid-century modern look, “with simple, clean lines and comfortable seating.”


Izzy+ is a subsidiary of JSJ Corporation.

The company designs, makes and markets furniture and seating for corporate, education and health care spaces.

Its products are installed worldwide from Dubai to Des Moines.

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