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Michigan Supreme Court denies family's appeal of erased $20M verdict

February 19, 2018
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BELLEVILLE — The Michigan Supreme Court has turned down another appeal and closed the case of a woman who died after doctors at a Detroit-area hospital mistakenly performed brain surgery on her.

A $20-million verdict awarded to Bimla Nayyar's family was thrown out by the state appeals court on technical grounds.

The Supreme Court let that decision stand and declined last week to reconsider its order.

Chief Justice Stephen Markman called the case an "extraordinary miscarriage of justice," although he agreed that the Supreme Court should stay out.

In 2012, doctors at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn performed brain surgery on Nayyar due to a records mix-up. The 81-year-old Belleville woman was at the hospital because of a dislocated jaw.

The hospital was sued by attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

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