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Manufacturer earns $232K energy rebate

April 3, 2018
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Consumers and Challenge
James Morehouse, corporate facilities manager for Challenge Manufacturing, thanks Ellen Sutton, Consumers Energy corporate account manager, for working together on recent energy efficiency upgrades at the company’s Walker facilities. Courtesy Consumers Energy 

A Walker-based automotive supplier has been awarded for energy efficiency.

Consumers Energy recently awarded Challenge Manufacturing a rebate check for $232,384 for completing LED lighting upgrades at its Walker facility.

The facilities’ lighting improvements will save Challenge more than 2.2 million kilowatt hours of energy per year, enough to power nearly 300 typical Michigan homes for a year.

“Exchanging our fluorescent lights for LED lights will enable our facilities to reduce energy demand,” said James Morehouse, corporate facilities manager for Challenge Manufacturing. “The rebates from Consumers Energy help provide an accelerated payback of Challenge’s capital investment in upgrading our buildings and help offset future rising energy costs.”

While there are no restrictions for the check, Consumers hopes the incentives will be used as “seed money” for another energy efficiency project.

This is good for the planet, and also lowers energy bills which ultimately benefits Michigan’s economy,” said Ted Ykimoff, director of energy efficiency programs for Consumers Energy. “We have helped Michigan customers save more than $1.5 billion through energy efficiency projects like this since 2009.”

Challenge Manufacturing

Challenge Manufacturing is a Tier 1 automotive supplier with about 3,000 employees in 10 locations across North America and Asia. Its Walker facilities have more than 900 employees.

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