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Deal aims to help children exposed to lead

April 10, 2018
| By AP |
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FLINT — An agreement has been reached to get more services to Flint children who were exposed to lead in drinking water.

Under the deal, the State of Michigan will provide $4.1 million, if the Legislature approves the money.

Parents will be encouraged to get kids signed up on a registry, which will lead to tests and other screenings to help determine any special education needs.

The agreement announced yesterday would partly settle a lawsuit against the state and Flint-area school groups, including the city's school district.

Kristin Totten of the American Civil Liberties Union said the deal is a "critical first step." She said there's still more litigation over Flint kids with disabilities.

Lead-tainted water flowed in Flint for 18 months before a disaster was declared in 2015.

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