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Judge sentences trash hauler to prison

April 25, 2018
| By AP |
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PORT HURON — A rogue trash hauler who bribed public officials to protect his business in suburban Detroit has been sentenced to federal prison.

Chuck Rizzo paid off officials in Macomb County and also stole $900,000 from the company, formerly known as Rizzo Environmental Services, when it was controlled by out-of-state investors.

Rizzo was cooperating with federal investigators, when authorities learned that he was taking money in an embezzlement scheme with an employee.

Rizzo was sentenced this week in federal court in Port Huron to 5.5 years.

He said, "I have let many people down."

Prosecutors called Rizzo the "epitome of a ruthless CEO," thirsting for business.

His lawyers acknowledged that he committed crimes but said it was corrupt officials who "deliberately pursued" him for cash. One carried a gun.

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