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Foundation elects new board members

May 3, 2018
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Shelley Irwin
Shelley Irwin. Courtesy Hope Network Foundation

A local foundation has elected three new board members.

The Hope Network Foundation said last month it appointed Anthony Chang, Shelley Irwin and Mike Mraz to its board.

Lynn Ferris and Wilbur Lettinga also had their terms renewed.

Board terms last three years. Officers are appointed and do not have terms.

Returning board members

Jeffrey Bennett, chair, OtterBase
Jason Israels, treasurer, Klingman’s Furniture
Connie Lettinga, secretary
Thomas Svitkovich, vice president, Svitkovich Consulting
Dan DeVos, DP Fox Ventures
Lynn Ferris, State of Michigan
Wilbur Lettinga, Kentland Corporation
Sidney Rubin, Springboard Acquisitions

Hope Network

Founded in 1963 as the Pine Rest Sheltered Workshop, Grand Rapids-based Hope Network has grown to serve more than 20,000 annually, with more than 240 locations throughout Michigan.

The organization provides a range of rehabilitation, behavioral health, developmental and community support services: transitional inpatient brain injury rehabilitation; lifestyle enrichment programs; neurobehavioral inpatient programs; crisis residential treatment; and supported independent living.

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