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Q&A: Sherri Rouse

June 12, 2018
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Sherri Rouse
Sherri Rouse. Courtesy Workbox Staffing

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Sherri Rouse has spent 30 years in the staffing industry, and she loves what she does for “so many reasons.”

Rouse, the sales manager at Grand Rapids-based Workbox Staffing, said from a community perspective, she loves “having work opportunities for people and helping their careers and giving them a way to provide for their life/family.”

On the business side, she said it is “exciting to grow an account” and provide the client with “the right employees for everyone to succeed.”

During her career, Rouse has also been able to “mentor many and watch their careers flourish and succeed, which is very rewarding.”

Biggest career break?

Answering a small help-wanted ad in the Grand Rapids Press that led to my career in the staffing industry.

Proudest moment?

Career-wise: With a former employer, I dedicated 20 years worth of commitment and hard work toward one of its Michigan operations. By the end of my career there, our team had developed that operation into one of the largest within the nation. I pushed for success with my former employer, and now it’s time to use my experience and knowledge at Workbox Staffing.

Family-wise: Watching my three children achieve milestones in their lives with education, career success and relationships. Being a mom certainly holds the title of proudest moment again and again.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

“​Sherri, learn to sell. If you don’t, you will limit your career. Get out there and prospect, knock on doors, make calls and learn to deal with rejection. Be determined.”

How did you make your first dollar?

Retail. I worked for Susie's Casuals. And I remember the manager telling me that although I did not have much fashion sense, I could sell: "Somehow, people buy from you."

Most-treasured possession?

Family pictures

Dream job?

“Today Show” news anchor. They are sent to the front line of many of the world’s planned and unplanned events. I would love to have the opportunity to experience everything from presidential inaugurations to the Olympics. Sharing other events, such as ones tied to weather and the community, in a productive and compassionate way would be an honor.

If you were president for a day, you would … ?

Focus on the mental health of our nation. I would increase the availability of services starting at a young age. I would work on the availability for everyone. We would have more programs to reduce stigmas. A lot is already being done, but I would want to find ways to do more.

Last book you read?

Who: The A Method for Hiring,” by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

Last search term you googled?

I was naming the fish that I brought into my new office at Workbox Staffing and googled the company name in Latin: thus, “Opus Arcus.”

Your worst habit?

Not exercising regularly

To unwind, you like to … ?

Journal. Writing is therapeutic.

Dream vacation?

Anywhere that I have not already been. I want to experience everything.

Favorite food?

I really don’t have very discerning tastes. As long as I am not hungry, I am happy.

Person you most admire?

I was always a huge fan of Princess Diana. She was the people’s princess and could touch the hearts and souls of so many. I loved her compassion and spirit.

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