Public Record

Public Record

March 1, 2019
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19-00252 – FILKKINS, Brian A. & Michelle A., 927 9th St., Marc A. Talsma (Ch. 7)

19-00257 – CONDON, Bernie A., 5480 Alpine NW, Comstock Park, Michael M. Malinowski (Ch. 7)

19-00262 – DEMPSEY, Sharona M., 1016 Ardmore SE, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-00264 – GREENE, Sarah A., 11099 Pine Island Drive, Sparta, pro se (Ch. 7)

19-00269 – LOPEZ, Dawn M., 825 Rolling Creek Court, Lowell, pro se (Ch. 7)

19-00271 – COLE, Betty J., 672 Waterview Court, Greenville, John D. Dodson (Ch. 7)

19-00282 – FARIS, Timothy D., 2751 Woodlake Road SW, Wyoming, David Stempfly (Ch. 7)

19-00288 – SCHOLTEN, Richard W. & Anna M., 4829 Curwood SE, Sean L. Campbell (Ch. 13)

19-00290 – RICHTER-BLAIR, Katie L., 306 Hampton SE, John D. Dodson (Ch. 7)



Selected mortgages filed with Kent County Register of Deeds

LOVELL, Matthew A. et al, Lovell, Paris Park No. 1, Lot 321, $232,000

CACERES, Alex et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Meadowbrook Village No. 4, Lot 235, $201,875

DUNHAM, James et al, Churchill Mortgage Corp., Algoma Twp., 2-9-11, $220,924

TAYLOR-SHEAFOR, Matthew et al, Stockton Mortgage Corp., Cannon Twp., 16-8-10, $266,000

DIVITTO, Anne E. et al, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Northville No. 5, Lot 201, $247,500

DENBOER, John et al, Northern Mortgage Services, Michigan Maples No. 1, Lot 26, $219,100

WELLFARE, Kyle A. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Listening Valley No. 2, Lot 39, $211,200

JOHNSON, Jason W. et al, Northpointe Bank, Condo-Timber Canyon Estates, $454,100

KING, Daniel W. et al, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Condo-Riverpoint of Ada Homes, $283,500

SEEKELL, Susan M. Trust et al, Fifth Third Bank, Wildwood Estates No. 2, Lot 43, $250,000

KW2 VENTURES LLC, Union Bank, Maplevale Plat No. 1, Lot 33, $283,000

PYLMAN TRUST, Fifth Third Bank, Condo-Harmony Cove, $220,000

MEIDEMA, Brent et al, Grand River Bank, Condo-Tall Pines, $554,000

CELADON II LLC, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Condo-Celadon New Town Condominiums, $217,260

DENNEN, Andrew Elliot et al, United Bank of Michigan, Condo-Heathmoor Condominium, $220,000

SHULL, Eric Scott et al, VanDyk Mortgage Corp., Solon Twp., 18-10-11, $303,050

SOUTH HAVEN VENTURES LLC, Old National Bank, Foster Plat, Lot 1, $300,000

SEBASTIAN, Michael D. et al, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Grand Rapids Twp., 3-7-11, $451,600

MORIARITY, Andrew et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-River House at Bridgewater Place, $403,750

RATLIFF, Lisa et al, Northpointe Bank, Eldred Park, Lot 18, $453,100

DEMAAGD, Scott et al, Old National Bank, Ottawa Hills No. 1, Lot 257, $384,075

ROGERS, James M. et al, Fifth Third Bank, Condo-River Oaks, $398,024

MACHIELA, Stephanie J. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Carlisle Crossings Site Condominiums, $258,000

SCHOENBORN, Timothy Allen et al, Ark-La-Tex Financial Services, Condo-Saddle Ridge, $263,920

RSB PROPERTIES OF GR LLC, Grand River Bank, Langdon Plat No. 1, Lot 105, $228,000

FORIST, Alexander A. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Paris Park No. 1, Lot 322, $236,200

BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES, Macatawa Bank, Grand Rapids, 7-6-11, $430,000

RATLIFF, Lisa et al, Northpointe Bank, Eldred Park, Lot 18, $249,900

MARSHALL, Jacob et al, Quicken Loans, Mason Lake Estates, Lot 1, $237,400

HAMIDI-FEIZABAD, Sanaz et al, Finance of America Mortgage, Hanna Lake Trails, Lot 19, $332,823

HEILMAN, Doug et al, Live Oak Banking Co., Chateau Estates No. 15, Lot 452, $760,000

POLAND, Douglas W. Trust et al, Fifth Third Bank, Plainfield Twp., 35-8-11, $245,000

REYNOLDS, Clay A. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Buttrick Ridge, $441,750

SLOSSER, Kevin L. et al, Warner, Caledonia Twp., 22-5-10, $500,000

BLAHNIK, Jeffrey et al, Independent Bank, Condo-Jason Ridge Condominium, $250,000

VERMERRIS, Megan et al, Fifth Third Bank, Condo-Catamount, $600,000

LEHMAN, Michael et al, Homestead Funding Corp., Heritage Park of Rockford No. 3, Lot 130, $263,920

ALPINE RIDGE RETAIL LLC, First National Bank of Michigan, Condo-Alpine Ridge Condominium Project, $167,800

WALLINGTON, Gregory et al, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp., Condo-Brookside, $348,800

COOK, Jamye et al, Quicken Loans, Beyhill Plat, Lot 13, $279,000

YOUNG, Nicolette Aileen et al, Plus Relocation Mortgage, Heritage Park of Rockford No. 4, Lot 177, $254,700

POSEY, Stephanie et al, Wells Fargo Bank, Ada Twp., 34-9-9, $257,050

SALAS, Raquel A. et al, Fifth Third Bank, Wildwood Estates, Lot 24, $400,000

SCHODER, Christopher et al, Neighborhood Loans, Rogue River Meadows No. 3, Lot 58, $210,000

WONDERGEM, Robin et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Boardwalk Condominiums, $215,100

HOLMAN, Harland et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, De Van Add, Lot 14, $240,000

D&B ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC, Independent Bank, Adacroft Commons No .7, Lot 195, $234,750

VJ REALTY LLC, United Bank of Michigan, Grand Rapids, 9-6-11, $253,000

MEDEMA, David B. et al, Macatawa Bank, Cascade Twp., 3-6-10, $765,000

SPARTA9 LLC, Grand River Bank, Smith's Israel Add, Lot 2, $270,000

MICHMERHUIZEN, Andrew et al, Chemical Bank, Misty Ridge Estates, Lot 7, $215,826

DAVIDS HOUSE MINISTRIES, Chemical Bank, Wyoming, 11-6-12, $600,000

CRONIN, Richard C. et al, Dart Bank, Ross Add, Lot 14, $280,000

ROTTIER, Douglas W. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Cannon Twp., 29-8-10, $550,000

WESTOWN LLC, Independent Bank, Walker, 30-7-12, $276,000

KATERBERG, John IV et al, Huntington National Bank, Condo-Vistas at Rivertown Park, $270,655

PETERSON, Benjamin D. et al, Quicken Loans, Glen Valley Estates No. 5, Lot 174, $212,000

VANGARDEREN, Andrew P. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Wyoming Ranches No. 3, Lot 198, $246,050

BILLINGSLEY, Michael V. et al, Dart Bank, Condo-Flowers Crossing, $484,350

KARAMOL, Jodie et al, Independent Bank, Algoma Twp., 32-9-11, $234,000

EASTON, Kenneth J. et al, Chemical Bank, Condo-Sturbridge, $910,000

MERRITT, Sara et al, VanDyk Mortgage Corp., Belmont Village Green No. 2, Lot 27, $308,800

RAWSTHORNE, Patrick et al, Mortgage 1, Paris Park No. 1, Lot 347, $289,750

TRASK, Gordon Owen et al, United Wholesale Mortgage, Condo-Algoma Highlands, $317,440

PERRAS, John J. et al, Chemical Bank, Condo-Veranda at Thousand Oaks, $416,780

KUIPER, Kaycee et al, Fifth Third Bank, Meadows West No. 2, Lot 43, $239,875

DEVRIES, Timothy et al, Neighborhood Loans, Rockford Highlands No. 2, Lot 72, $225,600

BEARD, Emmanuel et al, Guaranteed Rate, Condo-Rivertown Site Condominium, $216,015

BERDAN, Mary Ann et al, United Wholesale Mortgage, Ottawa Hills No. 2, Lot 492, $264,000

DANI, Alexis M. et al, Dani, Solon Twp., 31-10-11, $240,300

FLAUMENHAFT, Danielle et al, Neighborhood Loans, Apple Plat, Lot 1, $221,160





MI TECH GROUP INC., $14,609.54


CONCENTREK INC., $254,359.99




19-01110-CZ--AKF INC., Richard E. Rassel, atty., vs. RESTORATION SERVICES HOLDING LLC et al

The following is a brief description of the circuit court file classifications: AV--civil appeals, AR--criminal appeals, AE--Employment Security Commission, AS--superintending control, AH--Habeas Corpus, AW--other writs, AX--extradition retainer, AZ--other extraordinary law remedies, CB--business claims, CC--condemnation, CL--labor relations, CK--contracts, CE--environment, CH--housing and real estate, CR--corporate receivership, CP--consumer protection, CS--small claims, CZ--other general civil, NI--personal injury, ND--auto negligence, NP--products liability, NM--malpractice, NS--dram shop, NO--other personal injury, NZ--other damage suits, PG--garnishment, PA--attachment



Co-Partnerships filed with the Kent County Clerk

DOUBLE D'S CHICKEN COOP, 13150 White Creek Ave. NE, Cedar Springs, Darryl DeGood, Marie DeGood

GRAND GALLERIA, 1362 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids, Patrick Prince Lewis, Steven Edwards Lacount

SCENIC GREENSCAPES, 1415 Andrew SE, Kentwood, Brian Chamberlain, Michael Tobolic

VANDERVEN VENTURES, 105 W. Danaher, Ludington, Rita Vanderven, Gary Vanderven

WEST MI REALTY & ASSOCIATES, 1736 Riva Ridge Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Lisa J. Novosad, Robert A. Novosad



Assumed names filed with the Kent County Clerk

360 WELLNESS, 4606 Plainfield Ave., Grand Rapids, Charla Horn

6PEOPLEAWAY, 8699 Flat Creek Drive, Rockford, Kelly Schut

ASPHALT DONE RIGHT, 266 Boynton Ave. SE, Lowell, Mark Wilcox

BIG THUMBS LAWN CARE & SNOW REMOVAL, 1628 Alpine Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, Mauricio Beltran Lucio

BLU ARC WELDING & FAB, 1515 Tamarack Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, Ronald Jack Noorman

BROWN'S FLOORING & MORE, 5152 21 Mile, Sand Lake, Patrick Wayne Brown

CLADDAGH INVESTORS, 2880 Wausaukee Drive NE, Grand Rapids, Thomas Lannon

COMMERCIAL GASKETS OF WEST MICHIGAN, 782 W. Shaffmaster Ave., Cedarville, Ronald Paul Nordquist

DEMOBLOCK, 4321 Jack Alan, Grandville, Keeghan Allan Jackson

ERWIN PHARMACY SERVICES, 3201 S. Montcalm Ave. SE, Lowell, Jon F. Monroe

FOREMOST CONTRACTING, 8946 Morning View Drive, Sparta, Anthony Wayne Ringersma III

FOUNTAIN OF NATURAL OIL, 1258 Madison Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Sarah V. Moisema

GOD READY CLOTHING, 2305 Buchanan Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, Roman V. Gonzales

LAURIE DARL, 923 Beech St. SW, Wyoming, Laurie Ann Cavagnaro

LAW OFFICE OF BARBARA CRAFT, 146 Monroe Center NW, Grand Rapids, Barbara Craft

MI ROOFING, 1045 Rathbone St. SW, Wyoming, Jetxay Heredia Zarco

MOBILE TOOL GUY, 4667 Burton St. SW, Walker, Margaret Jane Visner

NEEDLE NOOK, 542 Orchard Drive NE, Rockford, Marcy Elizondo

ONLY LOVE ZEN SANGHA, 2153 South Shore Drive SE, Kentwood, William Robert Murphy

PERSONAL TOUCH LANDSCAPE SERVICE, 10466 East Paris Ave. SE, Caledonia, Paul Delnay

PURPLECRAYON DIRECT, 2153 South Shore Drive SE, Kentwood, William Robert Murphy

RITA'S CLEANING SERVICE, 1520 Blossom St. SE, Grand Rapids, Rita Yesenia Puac Vasquez

RUSH CREEK ADVISORS, 7700 Byron Center Ave. SW, Byron Center, Jaycob Willis

S C P HERNANDEZ, 2795 Northville Drive NE, Grand Rapids, Yuliana Franco

SUNQUEST DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, 6255 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, M. Catherine Sherman Bittrick

THIRD GENERATION ANTIQUES, 1416 Arcadia Drive NE, Grand Rapids, Becky Devault

U. S. FOODS, 3043 Rogue Hill Court, Belmont, Lee Lovelace

VIDA ACUPUNCTURE, 3167 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Rebecca E. Davila

WEEBER MEDIA, 7016 Silver Lake Drive NE, Rockford, Nicholas John Weeber

WILLIAMS AUTO SALVAGE, 974 Pannell NW, Grand Rapids, William Matthew Williams

WINNERS BEAUTY SUPPLY & AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING, 1258 Madison Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Sarah V. Moisema

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