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Kellogg releases diversity and inclusion report

December 17, 2019
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Kellogg Company is based in downtown Battle Creek. Photo via

Kellogg has published its 2019 report showing the company's progress toward meeting its diversity and inclusion goals.

The Battle Creek-based food maker published today its 10th-annual “Features” report, which highlights the company’s diversity and inclusion, or D&I, goals and accomplishments during the past year.

“’Features’ celebrates the many ways our inclusive culture is nourishing the world, in every way possible,” said Priscilla Koranteng, VP of global talent and chief diversity officer, Kellogg Company.

“We know that fostering a diverse workforce and supplier base is the right thing to do, and it creates a real competitive advantage for us.”

The report includes stories from Kellogg facilities around the world and showcases Kellogg’s eight business/employee resource groups, or B/ERGs, as well as local and regional organizations that collaborate with Kellogg to advance D&I in the marketplace and communities it serves.

One such example occurred in Latin America, where the team implemented KUBIC LA, an online brainstorming game designed to foster collaboration and diverse thinking to bring forward the best cost-saving measures.

“Our diverse workforce will help Kellogg bring our Deploy for Growth Strategy to life,” Koranteng said. “When people feel a sense of belonging and empowerment, we can better meet our business goals and serve the needs of our consumers with fresh thinking, product innovations and quality brands.”

Kellogg’s diversity and inclusion goals

Among others:

— Reflect the diversity of consumers throughout Kellogg Company

— Foster an open, inclusive environment where everyone’s ideas, views and perspectives are sought and valued

— Create a culture in which all people are empowered to achieve their full potential and feel a sense of belonging

Diversity snapshot

Global leadership team

7 men

5 women

Board of directors

7 men

5 women

Global female representation

Salaried/production (all): 36.2%, compared to 36.9% in 2018 report

Salaried: 45.8%, compared to 45.3% in 2018

Management: 42%, compared to 40.7% in 2018

Executive: 36%, compared to 38% in 2018

U.S. people of color

Salaried/production (all): 34.7%, compared to 38.7% in 2018

Salaried: 20.8%, compared to 21.2% in 2018

Management: 19.2%, compared to 18.5% in 2018

Executive: 17.8%, compared to 25% in 2018

U.S. veteran representation

5%, same as 2018

U.S. employees who are B/ERG members

18.2%, up from 16% in 2018

Supplier diversity

In 2018, the company put 8.31%, or $467 million, of its total North American spend toward 149 certified diverse suppliers.

Diversity-related philanthropy

In 2018, more than 91% of Kellogg’s cash and in-kind contributions from the company and its charitable funds were given either to organizations that serve people in need (e.g. Feeding America and United Way) or to diversity-specific organizations.

The full 2019 “Features” report is online.


Founded in 1906, Kellogg Company (NYSE: K) makes hundreds of foods, including cereals, snacks and frozen foods.

Kellogg had 2018 sales of about $13.5 billion.

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