Susan S. Im

Susan S. Im

Susan S. Im is president and immigration attorney at ImLaw, PC in Grand Rapids and the immediate past elected chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Michigan Chapter.


Is balanced immigration reform on the table?

May 31, 2013
American businesses, communities and families are affected by the shortcomings of outdated laws that make up our existing immigration system. But this is the year that it could all change. Read More

Would immigration reform create jobs and innovation?

February 27, 2013
Being an immigration attorney, I witness firsthand how U.S. companies — including Michigan companies — struggle to recruit the engineers, researchers, health care workers, software developers and other STEM workers they need. You may be shocked to learn that presently there are between 700 and 800 openings for highly skilled and essential workers for over 40 established West Michigan employers posted on HelloWestMichigan’s website. Read More

Do immigration barriers stifle entrepreneurship and our vital STEM workforce?

January 28, 2013
Immigration is now the talk of top politicians in D.C. — and for good reason. Our current immigration system is broken. And while we may not all agree on how to fix it, we all have roots in immigration, and we have all benefited from it. In fact, immigration’s benefits are more far reaching than you may realize. Read More