Michigan names state superintendent

May 15, 2019
LANSING — Michigan's Board of Education has chosen Kalamazoo Public Schools Superintendent Michael Rice to lead the Department of Education, citing his track record of closing the "achievement gap" for minority students and his experience as an educator both in and outside the state. Read More

Michigan AG plans crackdown on worker misclassification

May 8, 2019
LANSING — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said her office will target businesses that cheat their employees of wages, pledging a forceful crackdown on what she called an under-the-radar problem that also lets companies dodge taxes. Read More

Gov. Whitmer nets GOP and business support for tuition-free programs

May 1, 2019
LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is netting key support from the business community and some Republican lawmakers for her large-scale plans to provide debt-free tuition to high school graduates and older adults who want to learn new job skills. Read More

Faith-based adoption agency sues state

April 29, 2019
LANSING — A faith-based adoption agency has sued the state of Michigan, challenging a settlement that prevents it from refusing to put children in LGBT homes for religious reasons. Read More

Judges: Michigan must re-draw congressional and legislative maps

April 26, 2019
LANSING — Michigan must re-draw dozens of congressional and legislative districts for the 2020 election, because Republicans configured them to guarantee their political dominance over the last decade by unconstitutionally diluting the power of Democratic voters, federal judges have ruled. Read More

State unveils license plates for 4 pro teams

April 16, 2019
LANSING — Fans of Detroit's four professional sports teams can now support them — and their charities — while driving the roads. Read More

Gov. Whitmer calls for raising gas tax

March 5, 2019
LANSING — Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called today for nearly tripling Michigan's per-gallon gasoline tax — and making the state home to the country's highest fuel taxes — in order to improve aging roads that she warned would only get worse without a major influx of new spending. Read More

Gov. Whitmer blocks immigration detention center

February 20, 2019
LANSING — Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer blocked the sale of a former state prison that was proposed as the site of a privately operated federal immigration detention center, drawing praise from immigrant rights activists and criticism from a Republican lawmaker whose district stood to gain jobs. Read More

Gov. Whitmer delivers State of the State

February 13, 2019
LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has identified two major crises facing Michigan — aging infrastructure and a lagging education system — while promising to soon propose a "real solution" to fix the roads and touting a tuition-free plan that would help high school graduates attend college or get vocational training. Read More

Audit: State should monitor job-creation promises better

February 7, 2019
LANSING — Michigan's economic development arm should better ensure that businesses receiving cash incentives create and keep promised jobs, according to a state audit. Read More