Group submits 430,000 signatures for Michigan voting measure

July 11, 2018
More than 430,000 signatures were submitted this week for a 2018 ballot initiative to expand voting in Michigan by allowing absentee ballots to be cast for any reason and implementing measures such as same-day voter registration. Read More

State Legislature repeals prevailing wage law

June 7, 2018
LANSING — The Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature has rescinded the state's decades-old law that guarantees higher wages for construction workers on government projects, quickly enacting the repeal initiative rather than letting it go to a public vote. Read More

Michigan board: Civil rights law bars LGBT discrimination

May 22, 2018
LANSING — A Michigan agency will for the first time process complaints of discrimination against LGBT people after a board said that the state's civil rights law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Read More

Attorney General Schuette appeals ruling on aid for private schools

May 16, 2018
LANSING — Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has appealed a judge's decision to block $5 million in state spending to defray the cost of inspections and other government safety requirements at private schools, saying the expenses can "financially cripple" such schools. Read More

Judge strikes down state aid to private schools

April 27, 2018
LANSING — A Michigan judge struck down as unconstitutional state laws that reimburse private schools for the cost of fire drills, inspections and other state requirements. Read More

Officials propose $120M school security plan

March 23, 2018
DELHI TOWNSHIP — Sidestepping the debate over gun laws, Michigan's law enforcement and education leaders have proposed a $120-million security plan that includes staffing schools with more police and counselors in light of last month's shooting massacre at a Florida high school. Read More

Governor Snyder proposes state budget

February 7, 2018
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder is seeking to boost base funding for most of Michigan's public schools by the largest dollar amount in 17 years and to end the state's use of a company to feed prisoners. Read More

Governor Snyder: 'No question' Michigan in better shape than in 2010

January 24, 2018
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder touted yesterday Michigan's economic and fiscal gains under his watch, saying his tenure has had "huge ups and downs," but the state is in better shape than before he took office. Read More

Taxes, driver debt and prevailing wages atop Michigan legislative agenda

January 15, 2018
LANSING — At the onset of 2018, Michigan lawmakers have a growing to-do list — led by talk of cutting taxes, wiping clean driver-fee debt and improving mental health services. Read More

Michigan lawmakers getting more sexual harassment training

January 12, 2018
LANSING — The Michigan Legislature is mandating more frequent sexual harassment training amid the national reckoning with sexual misconduct. Read More