Suit challenges Michigan regulator over $250K benefit cap

October 17, 2019
LANSING — The administrator of a plan that covers the medical expenses of uninsured non-drivers who are injured in car crashes is suing the state of Michigan, alleging that a regulator's recent orders conflict with the state's new auto insurance overhaul. Read More

Judge strikes down changes to ballot drive law

October 10, 2019
LANSING — A judge recently struck down key changes to Michigan's ballot drive law, ruling that a geographic limit on petition gathering unconstitutionally makes it harder to qualify proposals for a public vote. Read More

Gov. Whitmer signs budget with $1B in line-item vetoes

October 1, 2019
LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the next state budget Monday hours before the deadline to fund government, while using line-item vetoes to block nearly $1 billion in spending proposed by the Republican-led Legislature. Read More

270,000 Medicaid recipients may be subject to work rule

September 19, 2019
LANSING — Michigan officials said more than 270,000 enrollees in the state's Medicaid expansion program may have to meet work or related requirements to keep qualifying for their government insurance coverage. Read More

State civil rights director takes leave of absence

August 22, 2019
LANSING — The embattled director of Michigan's civil rights department has taken a leave of absence, weeks after he was reprimanded for making inappropriate remarks about the appearance of a woman he saw outside a meeting. Read More

State Supreme Court mulls legality of weaker wage and sick time laws

July 18, 2019
LANSING — Michigan Republicans' maneuver to weaken voter-proposed laws to raise the minimum wage and require paid sick leave was "outright unconstitutional," a top appellate lawyer said while urging the state Supreme Court to stand as a "last line of defense" against the unprecedented tactic. Read More

Supreme Court rules on re-districting in Michigan

June 28, 2019
LANSING — Michigan's Republican-led Legislature will not be forced to redraw legislative and congressional districts for the 2020 election, following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that federal courts have no role to play in deciding claims of partisan gerrymandering. Read More

Nessel: Civil rights panel not bound by ex-AG's LGBT opinion

June 19, 2019
LANSING — The Michigan Civil Rights Commission is not bound by a 2018 state opinion that says LGBT people have no protection under an anti-discrimination law, Attorney General Dana Nessel's office said, citing the U.S. Supreme Court's pending consideration of whether sex-based discrimination covers sexual orientation and gender identity. Read More

Jury finds ex-MSU dean guilty of neglect

June 12, 2019
LANSING — A former dean who had oversight of now-imprisoned sports doctor Larry Nassar at Michigan State University was found guilty of neglect of duty and misconduct in office but acquitted on a more serious criminal sexual conduct charge. Read More

State approves e-cigarette ban for minors

June 5, 2019
LANSING — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has reluctantly signed a ban to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of Michigan minors, expressing reservations because it will separate e-cigarettes from the definition of tobacco products. Read More