Ethanol production levels off in Michigan

Plans for five more plants were scrapped.

LANSING — Less than a year after a brutal drought damaged corn crops across the Midwest, the ethanol industry is looking to recover from its first national decline in 15 years. Read More

Inmates not always treated for addiction, mental illness

Catch-22 leaves them without help for either malady.

LANSING — Unpredictable behavior, irrationality, confusion, loss of control: all are symptoms of mental illness and signs of drug abuse. Read More

Longer sentences fuel big budget for Michigan prisons

LANSING — Despite a declining prison population, the average Michigan prisoner is spending more time behind bars — at significant taxpayer expense. Read More

Late spring drops Michigan’s golf season in the bunker

But officials know tricky weather is just par for the course here.

LANSING — In March 2012, golf courses across the state were in full swing. This year, some were still buried in snow. Read More

Electronic court records could cut costs, but privacy is a concern

Ottawa has electronic system, but it’s woefully underused.

LANSING — To save time and money, a bipartisan group of legislators wants to make more court records digitally accessible. Read More

Green jobs in Michigan grow again after dip

Manufacturing infrastructure, skilled workers draw companies here.

LANSING — After losing 3 percent of its “green” jobs a year earlier, Michigan became one of the fastest-growing states for environmental employment last year. Read More

State prisons shuffle inmates to manage security risks

February 25, 2013
LANSING — During the past five years, Michigan’s prison population has dropped by nearly 8,000 and 20 facilities have closed, leaving the Department of Corrections with one question to answer: Where should it keep those who stay? Read More

More Michigan medical school graduates, but not enough residency spots

February 15, 2013
LANSING — Despite three new medical colleges opening within a three-year span, Michigan likely won’t see an increase in doctors, but rather an increase in the exodus of graduates to other states, experts say. Read More