Undocumented immigrants face higher tuition at some schools

Some argue Michigan needs all the knowledge workers it can find.

LANSING — A college acceptance letter isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Read More

Other states may hold clues to fixing Michigan’s roads

Oregon’s tax on mileage, not fuel, would be one consideration.

LANSING — Michigan and nearby states share road-funding concerns, but the Mitten might not have access to the same solutions. Read More

Some see Michigan’s crosswalk safety rules as unclear

Communities are asking for more signage, but not all agree that’s best.

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State Supreme Court considers online privacy rule

LANSING — After some courts failed to comply with federal law, a proposed rule by the Michigan Supreme Court aims to stop courts from posting individuals’ personal information on the Internet. Read More

It’s a good day to celebrate something, anything … everything!

Critics would prefer that lawmakers swab the decks.

February 14, 2014
LANSING — Michiganders had a lot to celebrate and remember in 2013 — things like Wrestling Month and Flower Planting Day. Read More