Adrienne Wallace

Adrienne Wallace

Adrienne Wallace is an enthusiastic communicator with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, ranging in scope from nonprofit, health and education to government, politics and finance. She serves as digital director, program director and head geekette at 834 Design & Marketing in Grand Rapids, as well as a visiting professor at the GVSU School of Communications. As a lifelong learner, Adrienne seeks to monitor trends and analyze unique intersections of technology with relationships of all kinds. She is particularly fascinated with social movements partnered with technology, as they champion noble causes. Adrienne is a social-change leader, Grand Rapids Westsider, wife to tech/PR geek Derek DeVries and mother to rescue pups Walter, Porter and Bosley.


Trust + reach = influence

August 24, 2015
About half of our team began our careers in the ‘90s (the other half don't even remember Girbaud jeans or Hypercolor shirts, which is a real shame). Back then, there was one solid way to influence an audience: through journalists and traditional media. A lot has changed since then. Read More

The PR profession's digital divide

March 19, 2015
There's a major concern in the public relations world right now. It’s a generational issue as well as a technical issue. The digital gap is widening in a profession that's largely responsible for brand content development and social media issues. Read More

7 methods for strategic content curation

May 27, 2014
Surely, we all know by now the importance of content for your website, content for your social media, content for your internal employee communications and content for your customers; so it’s no secret that sometimes pushing all of this content can feel a bit redundant. Frankly, you're probably anxious about “running out of content.” Read More