Andy Van Solkema

Andy Van Solkema

Functional design systems and visual storytelling have long been a passion for Andy Van Solkema, the chief designer at Grand Rapids-based OST, an IT firm. His passion has grown and evolved to leading a 12-person studio that’s using design for unique outcomes that span stories, systems, processes and experiences. Van Solkema has worked as a design consultant in the printing industry, graphic designer and art director in brand communications and interaction design director. In 2004, Van Solkema started a design studio, Visualhero Design, which was acquired by OST in 2016. He enjoys helping the GVSU Design Thinking Initiative and various nonprofits, as well as leading design workshops at his alma mater and other design education opportunities. Van Solkema holds a B.F.A in graphic design from GVSU and a master’s of design from Kendall College of Art and Design.


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