Jason Dodge

Jason Dodge

Jason Dodge is the founder of BlackTruck Media + Marketing in Grand Rapids, a search marketing agency focused on improving clients' online presence through honest SEO strategies, PPC strategies and content marketing efforts. A 40 Under 40 business leader, Dodge brings 15 years of search marketing experience to develop sound inbound strategies for clients. Contact Jason at jason at blacktruckmedia dot com or 616.710.1024.


Send more leads: the digital marketing and sales breakdown

January 3, 2020
The story typically starts like this. We’re projecting fourth-quarter revenue to be down by 35%, which could very well spill over and negatively impact profit in the first quarter of next year. The solution? “We need more leads!” Read More

Own your local search presence

October 31, 2019
There are nearly 2 trillion searches being performed on Google every year. That’s approximately 5.5 billion searches that take place every single day. Read More

Using the 2019 'Internet Trends' data to improve your business strategy

June 20, 2019
For those of us who navigate the digital world, the day that Mary Meeker presents the annual "Internet Trends" report is our version of Christmas morning. Read More

Digital advertising surpassing traditional media

April 30, 2019
It’s finally about to happen. The amount spent on digital advertising will surpass that of traditional media outlets, such as television and print, in 2019, with a lot of those ad dollars being spent on two major platforms: Google and Facebook. Some might even say it’s a Google and Facebook world, and we just live in it. Read More

Digital holiday promotion tips

November 20, 2018
Whether you admit it or not, the holidays are upon us. We’re well into Q4 and looking to close out 2018 on a positive note. Read More

Landing pages vs. squeeze pages: Are you driving users to the right place?

September 30, 2018
There are a number of good reasons that call for a custom landing page. Typically, they are tied to a specific marketing campaign you’re running, geared toward the objective and, hopefully, the desired outcome. But not all landing pages are created equal, which presents us with a good opportunity to discuss what a landing page is vs. a squeeze page, and how to create an ideal landing page for your campaign. Read More

Site performance influences SEO and users

August 13, 2018
You stream content whenever you’d like, from wherever you are, from whatever device is nearby. We check Amazon to see if a product is cheaper than our local store because we know we can get it in two days. We’re programmed to go to Google to get answers to our questions or find things near us. It’s also known that a goldfish now has a better attention span than us humans. Read More

Is your content strategy human-centered?

June 27, 2018
One of the underlying principles of our work in search engine optimization is to try to determine why people are looking for what they’re looking for online. We want to understand the searcher’s intent, so we can make it easier for them to find a site. Read More

The implications of General Data Protection Regulation on businesses

April 18, 2018
Cambridge Analytica and the great Facebook debacle of 2017-18 sure has been an eye-opener for many people and companies, especially those who happen to click through long documents like “Terms of Service” agreements and the like to rush to install an app or just can’t wait to find out “What Harry Potter character are you?” Just what did you agree to anyway? Read More

4 essential elements of digital ad campaigns

August 25, 2016
The amount of advertising dollars and demand for digital advertising is increasing at a rapid pace. Read More