Jennifer A. Puplava

Jennifer A. Puplava

Jennifer A. Puplava is an attorney at Mika Meyers in Grand Rapids. She practices primarily in the areas of intellectual property law and technology law. She helps clients protect their trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property, and she assists clients with the negotiation, drafting and enforcement of related agreements, policies, terms and conditions and other documents. Jennifer received her law degree from Indiana University School of Law, cum laude, and her undergraduate degree from Saint Mary's College, magna cum laude.


Broadcast and music licenses for businesses

August 31, 2019
Many businesses create ambiance in their establishments with music or broadcast programming. Any establishment providing this kind of entertainment must comply with legal requirements to avoid copyright infringement liability. Read More

Steps to keep your website legal

March 26, 2019
It is easier than ever to create and maintain a website. However, there are many pitfalls and potential liabilities that quietly exist in cyberspace. Anyone publishing content online through a website should be aware of certain legal requirements, and some best practices, so problems aren’t inadvertently created. Read More

Handling negative online comments

December 31, 2018
It has become increasingly common for disgruntled customers to take to the internet to complain about what they perceive to be their negative experience with a business. Read More

Data protection in the US and beyond

September 30, 2018
Have you noticed notifications on your favorite websites directing you to new privacy policies? Read More

Have you met the deadline for keeping your digital safe-harbor protection?

December 28, 2017
Online service providers should confirm they have taken required steps to maintain the safe-harbor protection that shields them from liability from certain copyright infringement claims. Read More

Do you know how to protect your business from cyber security breach liability?

October 31, 2017
Cyber security breaches of large companies such as Equifax and Target have made national news, but small businesses also often have to contend with security breaches. Read More

Do you really need a privacy policy for your business website?

September 29, 2017
Many small business owners ask whether they really need to have a privacy policy on their simple website. The short answer is: Yes, they probably do. Read More

Does your business need a data protection officer?

February 21, 2017
If your business offers products or services to residents of the European Union, you may be required to appoint a data protection officer. Read More

IT policies and procedures your business needs

May 25, 2015
Businesses may think that they only need to adopt information technology policies and procedures where they are required to do so by law. However, it is a far better practice to proactively adopt IT policies and procedures to protect your business, even where you are not required to do so. Read More

Businesses need proactive oversight of IT

April 30, 2015
It may be tempting to delegate all information technology functions to the IT department. However, information technology oversight is not just a task for technology personnel. Read More