Brad Laackman

Brad Laackman

Brad Laackman is the owner of Honor Construction in Grand Rapids, a commercial construction firm. Honor Construction specializes in providing expertise to small- to large-scale construction projects and sustainable renovations. Laackman was born and raised in Grand Rapids and is active in the community.


Skilled labor and the construction industry

February 2, 2017
For the past few years, America has been going through a shortage as it relates to skilled trades. There are not enough workers to move our economy forward, despite demand for this type of work growing. Read More

Construction and development trends for 2017

October 31, 2016
Construction is a season in Grand Rapids, and lately, it seems the weather will never change. Those of us living in or around Grand Rapids are used to dodging construction barrels, taking scenic detours and finding new and exciting ways to get to home or work. Read More

Breweries and neighborhood culture

May 24, 2016
Every city, town and neighborhood has a voice. This voice represents and labels a community. This voice describes the neighborhood and welcomes people into it. But where does this unique voice come from? How does a neighborhood establish and develop their specific culture? Read More