Joy Ducey Miller

Joy Ducey Miller

Joy Ducey Miller is the owner of Ducey & Co., a consulting practice focused on strategic leadership in the areas of project management, IT operations and recruiting. She has worked in and around the IT industry for more than 15 years, with experiences ranging from working in startups to global, mutli-billion-dollar organizations. Ducey Miller is passionate about IT and serves on many boards and councils in support of STEM/STEAM.


Can technology keep us safe?

February 26, 2018
We have experienced eight school shootings since the beginning of the year. That equates to roughly a shooting a week. Something needs to change. Read More

What happens when we no longer need to work?

January 30, 2018
I wrote this blog a few weeks ago. And when I wrote it, I kept thinking this seems too far in the future to actually be relevant now. Read More

Why I left my job with a big title

December 29, 2017
I was the first woman to hold the title of COO for my previous employer and held the longest tenure in the role. In the technology world, that’s kind of a big deal. But almost a year ago, I quit. Read More

All the feels — all the time

November 30, 2017
In our digital world, it is easy to find yourself feeling alone and isolated, even though we are all connected. All the time. Since the introduction of the iPhone, depression and suicide rates in young adults have skyrocketed. Read More

A future in tech

October 24, 2017
Michigan’s economy has been fragile for more than a decade due to the state’s reliance on the manufacturing and automotive industries. Read More

Do non-tech tech leaders exist?

September 29, 2017
Yes, they do exist. Read More

Cryptocurrency is not a fad

August 31, 2017
For those who are old enough to have lived through the dot-com era and thought, early on, that the “internet thing” was just a fad, you should pay close attention to what’s happening today with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Read More

Leadership in a tech world

July 31, 2017
In my role as an IT operations consultant and strategist, I am fortunate to have worked with a number of tech firms. Through my experiences, I have found that many technology companies struggle with the same thing — leadership. Read More

Fail well

June 28, 2017
We’ve all heard some version of the mantra, “Only through failure can you discover greatness.” I must admit, this sounds more ideological than practical. But it must be true, right? Read More

Politics and tech talent

May 25, 2017
Our current leadership has stated that Americans come first, but as the tech industry relies on global talent and is already facing a pending talent shortage, this stance poses major recruiting challenges. Read More