Todd Custer

Todd Custer

Todd Custer is the president of Grand Rapids-based Custer, an interior design and build firm. Custer offers solutions such as design, integrated technology and furniture and works with clients on corporate, small business, education and health care spaces. Contact Todd at 616.458.6322 or info at custerinc dot com.


What's next for the future of work?

August 13, 2018
Every summer, the commercial design industry celebrates the latest in workplace solutions at NeoCon. This year, our team joined nearly 50,000 attendees at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago for NeoCon’s 50th-annual show to explore innovative furniture, statement pieces and what’s new in office design. Read More

4 ways to bring nature into the office

May 29, 2018
Now that warmer weather is finally here, your team is likely itching to get outside to enjoy some much-needed sunshine and fresh air. One way you can help your team experience more of the outdoors at work is by bringing natural elements into the office. Read More

5 factors to consider when looking for new office space

February 28, 2018
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Finding balance while running a family owned business

November 30, 2017
I’ve always been interested in the topic of work-life balance, but the subject really started to matter to me in early 2015. Read More

5 signs it's time to upgrade your workplace technology

August 31, 2017
How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your workplace technology? If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. From communication barriers to declining productivity, there are several signals that may suggest a technology upgrade is due. Read More

7 easy and effective ways to keep employees connected this summer

July 12, 2017
Summer is here, and for some companies, that means offering their employees half-day Fridays, flexible schedules, casual dress codes and much-needed vacation time. It also means employee productivity can dip during the summer months. Read More

5 common workplace problems and how to address them

April 27, 2017
What challenges do you face in your workplace? Are they shared by other organizations? Changes in technology, skill sets and workplace demographics have created new demands for industries across the board. Read More