Mike Hanrahan

Mike Hanrahan

Mike Hanrahan is an attorney at Chase Bylenga Hulst in Grand Rapids. He offers counsel on legal questions related to bankruptcy, tax and business matters. Hanrahan joined the firm shortly after passing the bar in June of 2013. He has since returned to the classroom to refine his expertise in the area of tax law by pursuing a master of law in taxation, which he finished in May of 2015. To add to his professional resume, Hanrahan is also a licensed real estate salesperson. Contact Mike at 616.608.3061 or mike at chasebylenga dot com.


College, student loans and regret

January 31, 2019
Let’s face it, you make terrible decisions in college. Even if you are able to make it out without any serious marks on your record, ego or mental health, you’ve probably already made the worst mistake of your career without knowing it. I’m talking, of course, about the massive debt most of us incurred while paying for four years of college. Read More

The IRS and tax debt

July 31, 2018
There are very few governmental agencies that instill fear in United States citizens quite like the Internal Revenue Service. If you owe them money for past taxes, the fear is likely to be more of an anxious dread that an agent will knock down your door and haul you off to a debtor’s prison. Read More