Amy Acton

Amy Acton

Amy Acton is the executive director of the Grand Rapids-based Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. Contact Amy at 616.458.2773 or amy at phoenix-society dot org.


Patient advocacy in health care: 3 questions to ask

November 30, 2019
When the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors was founded, no long-term support existed for those impacted by burn injuries. Our founder saw a need and addressed it the best way he knew how: from his own personal experience as a burn survivor. Read More

Lifelong burn awareness

January 31, 2019
Whether they’re accidentally grabbing a hot pan, letting a match burn too far or spilling steaming coffee, most people have experienced a minor first-degree or even second-degree burn injury at some point in their life. Although painful, we know these minor injuries will heal quickly and usually leave no scar. Read More