Experts worry as state struggles with elder care worker shortage

Low wages and a better economy combine to discourage potential aides.

Michigan doesn’t have enough personal care workers for the growing population of elderly residents, and more aren’t coming, experts say. Read More

Do as I say, not as I do

Survey finds 3 in 4 Michigan teachers would not recommend education as a career.

Most teachers wouldn’t recommend their students follow in their footsteps, according to a recent Michigan survey. Read More

Court ruling puts Medicaid work requirements in peril

Judge calls similar laws in other states 'arbitrary and capricious.'

A U.S. district judge’s ruling that work requirements for Medicaid recipients should not have been approved in Kentucky and Arkansas could lead to a similar ruling in Michigan, according to critics of the requirements lawmakers approved last year. Read More

Lawmakers consider tax increase on cigarettes, vaping products

Goal is to keep any nicotine-related substances out of the hands of young people.

Some lawmakers are pushing to tax vape pens and e-cigarettes just like cigarettes in hopes of discouraging teens from using them. Read More

Towns and state official disagree on Airbnb proposal

Bill would keep municipalities from regulating the short-term home rentals.

At least one state lawmaker is advocating an end to a municipality’s ability to regulate the short-term rentals of homes often referred to as Airbnbs. Read More