Robert A. Hendricks

Robert A. Hendricks

Bob Hendricks is a corporate attorney at Warner Norcross + Judd with 35 years of legal experience working with businesses on entity formation, real estate, tax planning, commercial contracting and Michigan's medical and recreational cannabis laws. He can be reached at rhendricks at wnj dot com or 616.752.2291.


Adult-use marijuana and real property uses

January 3, 2020
Even though medical and recreational use of marijuana is allowed under Michigan law, there are a number of differences in the legislation that may affect the uses of real estate by this industry. Read More

Doing business with a state-legal cannabis company: What could go wrong?

December 6, 2019
Cannabis businesses licensed under Michigan law are like other businesses in many ways; they require goods and services, locations in which to operate and other support and assistance. Read More