Paul A. Hense

Paul A. Hense

Paul A. Hense is the retired president of local accounting firm Hense & Associates. He also is past chairman of the Small Business Association of Michigan. Contact him at


Going to college with no plan is a waste of time

March 1, 2019
I have been talking to several people lately about the value of a college degree. Read More

Find patterns in your business’s financial statements

December 7, 2018
I had a client back in the 1970s who had an extremely high IQ. Had it not been for a variable rate SBA loan initiated at 8 percent then rising to 28 percent, we would have been rich. Read More

Engagement letters are vital part of doing business

November 9, 2018
What is an hour of someone’s time worth? Most small business owners are not paid an hourly wage. Read More

Keep your cool: Anger is a choice in life, business

October 12, 2018
Anger is bad for your health. It is also bad for business. Read More

Count your blessings; some people aren’t so lucky

September 7, 2018
I attended The Salvation Army spring fundraising event, where former Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell spoke. Read More

Knowledge is power, in both life events and business

August 3, 2018
It has been inspiring watching the rescue of the youth soccer team in Thailand. They were trapped by rising water in a cave. Read More

Improve your odds of success with organization

June 29, 2018
A place for everything and everything in its place. So simple and so important yet often not followed. Read More

Tips on spotting incompetent or unethical attorneys

June 1, 2018
The legal community is getting a lot of negative publicity from the mess in Washington, television shows and street talk. Read More

Dear Liz, here’s small-business advice from Grandpa

May 4, 2018
My granddaughter, Liz Nol, is opening a women's clothing store, Marie La Mode, on Cherry Street SE. Read More

Whiz Kids jump-started my distrust of large companies

April 6, 2018

I bought a book that gathered dust on my bookshelf for at least five years.

Read More