David J. Smith

David J. Smith

David J. Smith is president and CEO of The Employers’ Association in Grand Rapids. Contact him at dsmith@teagr.org.


Value your time and find joy in the journey

May 1, 2015
Why is it that people tend to rush to judgment, hurry up to wait and do anything but “stop to smell the roses”? Read More

Knowledge is required for, but not a guarantee of, success

March 27, 2015
We are told from an early age that knowledge is the key to success: If we learn, we will achieve. If we set our sights high when establishing our goals and objectives and work hard to equip ourselves with the knowledge to accomplish our goals, great things will happen. Read More

Answer the door whenever opportunity knocks

February 20, 2015
When opportunity knocks, some seek to shift the blame, excusing themselves from any responsibility for the challenges life might place before them. Read More

To make a difference, we must view things differently

January 16, 2015
We often receive an unexpected boost from motivational quotes. Read More

Have you formed a personal mission statement?

December 12, 2014
Every organization must have a mission — a vision, a reason for “being.” Read More

Introverts have traits that make them excellent leaders

November 7, 2014
Some would suggest that a person must be an extrovert to be a good leader — that to be followed, a person must be heard clearly and frequently. Read More

We cannot achieve if we do not believe success is possible

October 3, 2014
There are many reasons we fail to live up to our full potential, but the most common of them are often tied to inappropriate or unexpressed goals, inadequate or unstated expectations, and a lack of accountability. Read More

Good leaders accomplish more with (rather than through) others

August 29, 2014
Great leaders develop practices and communicate expectations that allow them to manage fairly and consistently as they motivate people to contribute their proportionate share toward the success of the team or the stability of relationships. Read More

A strong set of values will drive the best decisions

July 25, 2014
Most successful individuals establish basic tenants for their lives, rules they use to hold themselves accountable for their own actions. Read More

Do our ‘alphas’ or our ‘omegas’ initiate needed change?

June 20, 2014
Why is it that people think starting over means repeating everything they originally did while expecting different results than those initiating the “re-do”? Read More