Six days in court — almost as fun as a Christmas Party

January 6, 2017
I missed the office Christmas party. Read More

Courtroom results — as certain as presidential elections

November 18, 2016
Long ago, after we had lost a $1.9 million verdict, the lawyer who hired me at the firm where I still work sat next to me in a bar and said, “Well, Bill, if you try a lot of lawsuits, you're going to lose from time to time.” Read More

Price check on aisle three: Litigation over two cents?

October 14, 2016
Back in the 1970s, I was a “pre-law” political science major at Grand Valley State University. Read More

Football and the First Amendment — who do we root for?

September 9, 2016
There is no denying the power of athletes to affect, inspire and even anger us. Read More

'Well, I wasn't under oath back in your office …’

August 21, 2015
"If your clients won't settle their case without a trial, then a trial is what we'll have. You all can go back to the courtroom. Let me put my robe on. And let the perjury begin!" Read More

Of courtroom capers, sanctions and squeezed babies

February 27, 2015
A lawyer friend, Brian, occasionally mentions the idea of "innocently" placing a colorful bag on his table during an opposing lawyer's final argument. Read More

Marriages come and go, but divorce is often forever

January 23, 2015
Last Christmas Eve, I got a voicemail from my son Shamus asking if I knew of a divorce lawyer named Mr. Barnhart. Read More

Tempting the legal finger of fate: no winners here

October 10, 2014
Last week, after a long day in downtown Grand Rapids, I aimed my car toward U.S. 131 south, hoping to cover the 13-mile drive home in the usual 21 minutes, give or take 60 seconds. Read More

An American football team, by any other name …

June 27, 2014
At Kentwood’s Meadowlawn Elementary School in the 1960s, my friends and I would boast about things we thought made us "better" than each other. Read More

Witnesses are entitled to respectful treatment during litigation

May 23, 2014
No one likes to see an obnoxious lawyer on the other side of a courtroom. Read More