PaaS platform as a service has value for West Michigan firms

May 21, 2012

West Michigan firms have successfully moved to the Cloud for much of their software needs. So, is there even more value to be found in the Cloud? Yes, there is. That’s because the part of the Cloud most people use is just one-third of the Cloud’s possibilities.

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Geospatial searching makes its mark as business tool

June 7, 2010

“Location, location, location” has been a key phrase in the real estate industry for many years. A new technology is making the catchphrase relevant for many industries: geospatial searching.

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Vendors create software solutions to e-discovery issues

November 23, 2009

Compliance with government and legal requirements is a daily occurrence for most firms. This article spotlights a compliance issue that is increasingly becoming more important and will be part of all future planning: e-discovery.

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