Most signs point toward positive 2018 economic outlook

December 22, 2017

Despite the Thanksgiving break and deer season, November usually is a productive month, and this year was no exception.

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Is today’s industrial economy as good as it gets?

November 17, 2017
For the past couple of years, growth in the West Michigan economy has been a little sluggish in the fall. Read More

Local economy inches ahead while national picture is mixed

October 20, 2017
The West Michigan economy still is going strong. Read More

Most industries maintain moderate growth rate

September 15, 2017
After a summer lull, the West Michigan economy resumed the growth pattern observed for the past eight years. Read More

Auto sales slump finally trickles down to suppliers

August 11, 2017
After six months of disappointing car sales, the impact on our local auto parts suppliers finally is being felt by the West Michigan economy. Read More

‘Orderly’ automotive sales decline keeps economy rolling

July 14, 2017
Yes, the West Michigan industrial economy remains on track. Read More

Local economy remains strong, but red flags are on horizon

May 12, 2017
Good news is always welcome, and according to the latest survey conducted during the last two weeks of April, the West Michigan economy is surprisingly strong. Read More

West Michigan economy shows no sign of backing down

April 14, 2017
Despite the signs several of our local industries are topping out, West Michigan business conditions remain positive. Read More

Hopes for decreased regulation, lower taxes fuel economy

March 10, 2017
For West Michigan, the 2017 rally continues for the industrial markets. Read More