Honesty, integrity always are the best policies

September 23, 2016
If you are following the news regularly, you should be very concerned about the future of small business. Read More

European trip inspires comparisons of quality of life

July 31, 2015
My wife and I took a riverboat cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest in June. Read More

Never pass up the opportunity to listen and learn

June 26, 2015
About six years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Read More

The Ten Commandments: a good guide to business

May 22, 2015
It would be hard to deny that Judeo-Christian teachings are the basic foundation of the culture of this country. Read More

Ignoring long-held, proven beliefs can be financially fatal

March 13, 2015
In 1559, King Henry II of France was mortally wounded in a jousting match outside of Paris. Read More

The swinging pendulum: Where is it headed next?

January 2, 2015
There is a delicate balance between ownership and labor, and government and business, and the pendulum that swings between those balances affects your life. Read More

Listen for hidden meanings in business communications

August 15, 2014
Listen closely to what someone is saying to you. It can be costly if you are not paying attention. Read More

Listen and learn: respecting other people’s viewpoints

June 6, 2014
With all the talk about political correctness and prejudice, I think there is a major issue that is not being discussed: When you have a pre-conceived idea of what a person is going to be like before you meet them, you may miss an opportunity to learn something from them. Read More

People’s core values predict what can be expected from them

March 28, 2014
Predictability: It’s almost never found — not in the weather, stock market, government, or almost any other facet of life. Read More

A Chinese viewpoint on welfare, education and health care

January 17, 2014
Every once in a while you stumble into a very informative conversation. The path to enlightenment can meander through some strange turns. Read More