Business has questions, does Snyder have answers?

January 11, 2013
Wednesday is must-see TV for the state’s business community, especially those employers who call West Michigan home. Read More

Downtown: Make sure there is room for all

December 1, 2012
The Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority apparently needs to be encouraged to begin using the important information delivered by Gibbs Planning Group in a comprehensive study of the pros and cons of downtown retail. Read More

Land bank proves valuable to communities

November 17, 2012
Last week the nonprofit LINC (Lighthouse Inc.) community revitalization group announced a major project in the Madison Square neighborhood, a place-making initiative that may, at long last, be a turning point for a neighborhood that has seen other such efforts slowly and painfully fail. Read More

Risk-takers provide ‘authentic’ spaces for next generations

November 10, 2012
As is customary, the delicate autopsy of the presidential election last Tuesday provided breakdowns of the voters and a thorough analysis of every ethnic group and both genders. What is striking is that the commentary from the major political parties and analysts was echoed during the University of Michigan/Urban Land Institute statewide commercial real estate conference on Wednesday and Thursday. Read More

Partnerships strengthen area’s real estate risk-takers

November 3, 2012
For the second time in 26 years, Grand Rapids is the host and beneficiary of the University of Michigan/Urban Land Institute annual meeting. The two-day conference this week highlights professional issues and trends in Michigan and the U.S., and it brings students from U-M and other Michigan universities to the city for an architectural/development competition based on a particular site in the host city. But for all the conference’s merits, it is the overview of developments in this state that are most compelling and worthy of comment. Read More

Business owners weather area's multiple storms

October 27, 2012
As the presidential election and the dominant candidate coverage draws to a conclusion this week, the Business Journal offers congratulations to business owners and CEOs across America for the fortitude and American ingenuity that transcends all the bitterness and divisiveness politicians heap upon one another. Read More

Metro’s search for partner could help employers

October 20, 2012
Metro Health is a specialty hospital in Michigan as a provider of osteopathic medical education, and it is once again convening a comparatively public search for yet another “strategic partner” to broaden its services while maintaining its specialty. Read More