Woman sues ex-police officer

July 18, 2018
| By AP
A civil rights lawsuit has been filed against a former police officer in the region for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman after a traffic stop. Read More

Worker dies while power washing church

July 17, 2018
| By AP
A man power washing the exterior of a church in the region has died. Read More

Michigan expands list of conditions medical pot can treat

July 10, 2018
| By AP
Michigan regulators have significantly expanded the list of conditions approved for treatment by medical marijuana. Read More

Michigan state park officers want right to carry guns

July 9, 2018
| By AP
The union representing Michigan state park officers said they should be allowed to have guns and bulletproof vests to handle unruly visitors. Read More

Settlement prevents foreclosure for residents

July 6, 2018
| By AP
DETROIT — The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan and other organizations have settled a lawsuit that allows some low-income Detroit individuals and families facing foreclosure to buy their homes for $1,000. Read More

Judge dismisses lawsuit over student literacy

July 5, 2018
| By AP
DETROIT — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit focused on the poor reading skills of students at several Detroit schools, partly because he concluded there is no right to literacy. Read More

Jury awards $135M in medical malpractice case

July 4, 2018
| By AP
DETROIT — A Wayne County jury has awarded $135 million for a botched spinal surgery on a 10-year-old girl. Read More

Freight train derails

July 3, 2018
| By AP
Police said about 15 freight train cars derailed while traveling through a West Michigan city. Read More

Ex-police officer sues department

July 2, 2018
| By AP
A former police officer in the region has filed a lawsuit alleging he was unlawfully fired after complaining about discrimination based on his Egyptian descent. Read More

Former Flint jail inmates sue over lead-tainted water

June 28, 2018
| By AP
FLINT — Former inmates at a Flint jail said their rights were violated when they were exposed to lead-tainted water. Read More