Aaron Jonker

Aaron Jonker

Aaron Jonker is a licensed professional engineer and LEED-AP who has been involved in construction and development in Grand Rapids for over 15 years. As vice president at Wolverine Building Group, he specializes in historic and tax-credit projects, with a focus on multi-family development.


Who's the right subcontractor for the job?

March 20, 2013
Working in the field of general contracting/construction management, GC/CM, may often seem as simple as constructing a building and turning it over to the end user. However, the process provides many opportunities to positively affect the community in which we work. Read More

Who really lives in 'low-income' housing?

January 16, 2013
There has been a lot written lately in local media about the development and construction work happening in our core city. Much of the work going on in Grand Rapids is residential development, and a good portion of that has some sort of government financing. Read More

South Division projects bring welcome progress

December 12, 2012
The last 15 years have brought a major transformation to the core of Grand Rapids. It’s transformed from derelict, vacant spaces to a vibrant, thriving city center. I remember volunteering as a youth on South Division and Cherry at Degage Ministries. I would drive home feeling anxious in the dark, hoping my car didn’t break down and making sure my doors were locked. Read More

The industry that builds communities

November 20, 2012
With the exception of a small period of time, I have been blessed to live my whole life in West Michigan. You’ve heard the standard reasons why people love West Michigan: the seasons, the family environment, the world-class beaches, among many others. Read More